Cantio.cz aims to provide a cataloguing tool for the rich tradition of Latin and vernacular song in Central European sources of the fourteenth century onwards. We try to collect the most up-to-date information on manuscript sources reflecting the most recent literature, as well as conducting our own codicological research.

The main data layer comprises single Records of song structures, including their full text and mode of transmission. These are linked to the other layers: the Source of the record, the Text to which it belongs, and the associated Melodies. This design makes it possible to present the song contents of single codices and related types of sources, to generate lists of single inscriptions of songs based on their text, and to link melodies with various Latin as well as vernacular texts. In order to provide a wider context for the songs, the focus is widened to include text-only and fragmentary records, such as incipits and mentions in non-musical and non-liturgical sources.

Suggestions for improvement and addition of information are always welcome. You can send them to jan.ciglbauer@ff.cuni.cz.


Jan Ciglbauer (founder and editor-in-chief)
Libor Skokan (team member since 2021; Latin texts)
Sára Valová (team member since 2021; Czech texts)
Šimon Hrábek (team member; 2021)
Radek Smutný, Czech Academy of Science (DB and website development)

How to Cite

It is possible to cite the entire website, or specific sources, texts, melodies, and records.

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The development of the database is currently supported by the project “Old Myths, New Facts. Czech Lands in Center of 15th-Century Music Developments” of the Czech Science Foundation, 19-28306-X (smnf.cz).